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10 Bible-Blast Games

With these 10 indoor, no-prop, no-prep, fun, faith-building games galore–kids will have a blast at your church and grow closer to God. Use these lively indoor games to keep the fun going and faith growing—without all the heavy lifting on your part. None of these 10 games requires any prep or supplies—all you need is a Bible—but they’re sure to be a hit with your kids!


1. Crazy Cross

Use this game to remind kids that God will never abandon them.

Form four teams, and have each team stand at a different wall. Have one child (the “Freedom Giver”) stand in the center of the room. Explain that when you say “Go,” you’ll begin counting to 15, and everyone will try to tag the opposite wall before you finish counting. (You may need to adjust the count based on the size of your room.)

If a child bumps or touches any other player when moving across the room, he or she must freeze and stay frozen until tagged by the Freedom Giver. He or she can yell to get the Freedom Giver’s attention, and freed players continue crossing.

Play several rounds, and have kids keep track of the number of rounds in which they’re able to cross within the time limit. If a child is still frozen at the end of a round, he or she can be unfrozen in the next round and can continue to the wall within the new round’s time limit.


  • What was challenging about this game?
  • How did it feel to be frozen? freed?

Read aloud 2 Corinthians 4:8-9.


• How was this game like real life?
• What are things you can do when you bump into hard things in life?

Say: There will always be trouble in life, but God is always with us. He is always there when we need him.

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