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10 Paranormal Games You Should Never Play

Are you tired of playing those usual boring board games you’ve been playing for years? Are you looking for something more thrilling? More adrenaline? More hair-raising, bone-chilling, and blood-curdling games? If you answered yes, then read on for the scariest paranormal games ever played. You don’t need to be a staunch believer in the supernatural to be able to play these. Just being a thrill-seeker is enough. What this list will do to you as a person, we don’t know. But what we know is that those who have ever played these have vowed to never ever try them again. It’s all fun and games until you figure out that you’re playing with a demon. / /

This game comes from Korea, and playing it is said to take you to an entirely different universe, via the elevator you’re in. All you need is a building with elevators and 10 floors. Just make sure when you board the elevator, you’re alone.

Once you’re in the elevator, you visit the floors in this sequence, 4,2,6,2,10,5. It is said that when you reach the 5th floor, a woman will enter, provided you did the ritual right. The woman will ask you where you’re going but you should remain silent. Don’t reply her. Then the elevator will automatically ascend to the 10th floor, instead of going down to the ground floor. When you get to the 10th floor this time, you can leave and you’ll be in an entirely new world. Once you’re tired of the new dimension, you can enter the elevator again and come back to your own world using the same combination.

The real scares happen if you answer the woman, nobody who’s ever talked to the woman has lived to tell the tale.

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