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Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World You Never Knew Existed

There are more than 200 countries in the world, and we’re sure you’ve heard of each of them at least once. But there are states and territories on our planet we never knew existed. They occupy a super small area, and some of them are inhabited by just a couple of families.

Bright Side has decided to make a list of the top ten tiniest countries with a population smaller than that of a medium-sized city or even a small village.


The Republic of Palau is an island country which consists of more than 300 islands of different sizes. Palau is one of the most amazing places on Earth: its rainforests are full of unique plants and birds, and its territorial waters are inhabited by 130 threatened species of shark. But the most remarkable sight in the country is the lake, with over 2 million jellyfish in it. But don’t worry: over time they’ve completely lost their ability to sting.

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